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A list of the Mini Meets of the Past and Present.
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Date Location Notes
2021 June 27-30 Victoria, B.C. The 40th Mini Meet West
2020 September 4-6
2020 June 29 – July 2
Portland, Oregon
Victoria, BC
The 39th Mini Meet West (Cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions.)
The 39th Mini Meet West (Cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions.)
2018 June 25-29 Hood River, Oregon The 38th Mini Meet West
2017 June 26-29 Santa Rosa, California The 37th Mini Meet West
2016 June 6-9 San Diego, California The 36th Mini Meet West
2015 June 29-July 2 Abbotsford B.C. The 35th Mini Meet West
2013 June 18-20 Bend Oregon The 34th Mini Meet West
2012 June 19-21 Prescott, Arizona The 33th Mini Meet West
2011 June 22-24 Lake Tahoe, California The 32th Mini Meet West
2010 June 28-July 1 Pentiction, B.C. The 31th Mini Meet West
2008 June 26-29 Las Angeles, California The 30th Mini Meet West
2007 June 10-12 Hood River, Oregon The 29th Mini Meet West
2006 June 20-22 Prescott, Arizona The 28th Mini Meet West
2005 July 29-31 San Ramon, California The 27th Mini Meet West
2003 August 11-14 Victoria, B.C. The 26th Mini Meet West
2002 August 22-25 Costa Mesa, California The 25th Mini Meet West
2001 August 7-9 Florence, Oregon The 24th Mini Meet West
2000 June 29-July 2 Flagstaff, Arizona The 23th Mini Meet West
1998 June 28-July 1 Whistler, B.C. The 22th Mini Meet West
1997 August 7-9 Vallejo, California The 21th Mini Meet West
1996 July 21-22 Long Beach, California The 20th Mini Meet West
1995 August 2-4 Mt. Hood, Oregon The 19th Mini Meet West (aka) Meet at the Mountain
1993 August 3-5 Squaw Valley, California The 18th Mini Meet West
1992 July 1-4 Flagstaff, Arizona The 17th Mini Meet West
1991 July 1-4 Whistler, B.C. The 16th Mini Meet West
1990 August 31-September 1 Los Angeles, California The 15th Mini Meet West
1988 September 2-5 Portland, Oregon The 14th Mini Meet West
1987 July 31-August 2 Squaw Valley, California The 13th Mini Meet West
1986 July 4-6 Carlsbad, California The 12th Mini Meet West
1985 July 5-7 Olympia, Washington The 11th Mini Meet West
1983 September 2-5 Emeryville, California The 10th Mini Meet West
1982 September 3-6 Santa Barbara, California The 9th Mini Meet West
1981 September 5-7 Richmond, B.C. The 8th Mini Meet West
1980 August 30-September 1 Terra Linda, California The 7th Mini Meet West
1979 September 1-3 Santa Ana, California The 6th Mini Meet West
1978 September 2-4 Richmond, B.C. The 5th Mini Meet West was held at the Airport Inn.
1977 September 3-5 Terra Linda, California The 4th Mini Meet West
1976 September 3-6 Renton, Washington The 3rd Mini Meet West (The 3rd Meet West was to have been in Los Angeles, CA, in 1975, but was canceled.)
1975 Cancelled Los Angeles, California The 3rd Mini Meet West, scheduled for Los Angeles, California, was canceled – the only Mini Meet to be cancelled to date
1974 July 5-7 Vancouver, B.C. The 2nd North American Mini Meet. Eventually, the Meet became known as a Mini Meet West after the start up of the Mini Meet East events in 1975
1973 May 26-28 Reno, Nevada First U.S. Mini Meet. There were 43 paid registrations. Eventually, the Meet became known as the 1st Mini Meet West after the start up of the Mini Meet East events in 1975.
Date Location Notes
2020 July 6-10 Owensboro, Kentucky The 38th Mini Meet East. (Cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions.)
2018 July 2-5 New Paltz, New York The 37th Mini Meet East
2017 June 29-July 2 Columbus, Ohio The 36th Mini Meet East
2016 June 30-July 3 Oak Ridge, Tennessee The 35th Mini Meet East
2015 June 22-26 St. Michales, Maryland The 34th Mini Meet East
2013 July 2-529 Kingston, New York The 33th Mini Meet East
2012 June 29-July 2 Magog-Orford, Quebec The 32th Mini Meet East
2011 July 5-9 Chattanooga, Tennessee The 31th Mini Meet East
2010 June 30-July 1 Fairborn, Ohio The 30th Mini Meet East
2008 July 3-6 Bethel, Maine The 29th Mini Meet East
2007 June 28-July 1 Alcoa, Tennessee The 28th Mini Meet East
2006 June 29-July 2 Frederick, Maryland The 27th Mini Meet East
2005 July 1-3 Dublin, Ohio The 26th Mini Meet East
2003 July 1-3 Magog-Orford, Quebec The 25th Mini Meet East
2002 June 28-30 Charleston, South Carolina The 24th Mini Meet East
2001 July 2-4 Park Ridge, New Jersey The 23th Mini Meet East
2000 June 30-July 3 Magog-Orford, Quebec The 22th Mini Meet East
1998 June 15-18 Seekonk, Maine The 21th Mini Meet East
1997 June 19-21 Sevierville Tennessee The 20th Mini Meet East
1996 June 28-30 Dayton, Ohio The 19th Mini Meet East
1995 June 31-July 4 Washington, DC The 18th Mini Meet East
1993 July 2-4 Toronti, Ontario The 17th Mini Meet East
1992 June 26-28 Columbus, Ohio The 16th Mini Meet East
1991 May 24-26 Atlanta, Georgaa The 15th Mini Meet East
1990 June 29-July 1 Chicago, Illinois The 14th Mini Meet East
1988 July 1-3 Princeton, New Jersey The 13th Mini Meet East
1987 July 2-5 Mt. Tremblant, Quebec The 12th Mini Meet East
1986 June 12-15 Knoxville, Tennessee The 11th Mini Meet East
1985 July 25-28 Dayton, Ohio The 10th Mini Meet East
1983 May 27-30 Hampton, Virginia The 9th Mini Meet East
1982 April 30-May 2 Greenville, South Carolina The 8th Mini Meet East
1981 July 16-18 Ste. Marguerite, Quebec The 7th Mini Meet East
1980 May 16-18 Troy, Ohio The 6th Mini Meet East
1979 April 20-22 Marietta, Georgia The 5th Mini Meet East
1978 May 5-7 Dayton, Ohio The 4th Mini Meet East
1977 April 30-May 2 Fairborn, Ohio The 3rd Mini Meet East
1976 April 30-May 2 Fairborn, Ohio The 2nd Mini Meet East
1975 April 25-26 Reading, Pennsylvania The 1st Mini Meet East
Date Location Notes
2019 June 24-18 Snowmass Village, Colorado The 8th “North American” Mini Meet
2014 July 2-6 Milwaukee, Wisconsin The 7th “North American” Mini Meet
2009 June 29-July 2 Winona, Wisconsin The 6th “North American” Mini Meet
2004 June 29-July 1 Rockford, Illinois The 5th “North American” Mini Meet
1999 July 3-5 Colorado Springa, Colorado The 4th “North American” Mini Meet
1994 June 14-26 Grand Island, Nebraska The 3rd “North American” Mini Meet
1989 July 3-6 Denver, Colorado The 2nd “North American” Mini Meet
1984 July 2-6 Denver, Colorado The 1st “North American” U.S. Mini Meet, “East Meets West”